Brand Rep Application

Our Expectations From You

Being a brand rep is a big task, we require you to have at least one active social account and a number of followers, there is no specific requirement but if you have good, quality posts we will consider a number of accounts.

  • Your Account Must be Public
  • You can either have a personal or ‘business/influencer’ account
  • We expect you to post at least 2/3 times a month with either the products you are sent or the products you purchase. 
  • We expect you to post about products/announcements & sales on your stories/page.
  • We expect you to tag us / mention us / link us in your posts & using hashtags is even better!
  • Accounts outside of the United Kingdom (inc. ROI) will be expected to pay shipping costs for influencer products.

What you can expect from Us

Being a brand rep is a big task, so we will help you as much as you help us!

  • We will provide you a selection of items from our store at no cost. (shipping will apply in some cases)
  • We will provide you with a specific 20% discount code for your personal use whilst your a brand rep.
  • We will provide you with exclusive discounts for your followers!.
  • Provide any artwork from our products.
  • We may provide you with upcoming/new or seasonal items.
  • We will allow you to leave or participate for as long as you wish. A Minimum of 1 month is required for all reps.

We are currently not looking for brand rep’s, however feel free to drop your details below and we will always consider any profiles when we are looking 🙂

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